The Committee of Management of The Motor Neurone Disease Association of Western Australia Inc (“MNDAWA”) proposes to pass a special resolution to amend its current Rules of Association (“Rule Book”) at the special general meeting to be held on Saturday 20 October 2018.

MNDAWA was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (WA) 1987 (“old Act”). The old Act has now been repealed and replaced by the Associations Incorporation Act (WA) 2015 (“current Act”) which requires existing associations to change their rules within 3 years.

Further, the Rule Book of MNDAWA was created some thirty years ago, and some provisions do not suit the Association’s current needs. Over the past 12 months, the Committee of Management has carefully reviewed its current Rule Book and drafted a new Rule Book which was endorsed by the Committee of Management at a meeting on 10 October 2017.

The proposed new Rule Book:

  • makes no change to the Association’s name, objects and powers;
  • is based on the Model Rules under the current Act;
  • corrects terminology to which members are familiar with (the use of ‘Committee of Management’ ‘Chairperson’ and Vice-Chairperson’ have been changed to ‘Board of Management’, ‘President’ and ‘Vice-President’);
  • reduces the number of Committee of Management members from 13 people to between 6 to 8 people;
  • reduces quorum for general meetings from 10% to 5%;

makes other modifications which the Committee of Management considers will improve the management and operations of the Association

PDF version of the proposed new Rule Book available below:

Rules of Association – Final for Approval at SGM 2018

Queries may be directed to:

Karen Smart (Chairperson) on 0419 923860


Andrew Hirst (Executive Officer) on (08) 6457 7355