As the pre-eminent specialist organisation in Western Australia for people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDAWA) is committed to raising awareness and delivering information about MND to people living with MND, their families, allied health professionals and the wider community. MNDAWA has developed many different programs, workshops, information evenings, and presentations which are delivered on an as needs and requested basis.

As well as our own in-house education workshops and programs, we welcome the opportunity to deliver specialist education on MND to allied health professionals, community groups and organisations, residential facilities and schools. Please contact the office on or phone 6457 7355 to inquire about our education.

Listed below are some of the education workshops we hold throughout the year. For more information or to register your interest in any of the programs please contact Lisa Shields, Education and Support Coordinator at the office.

Carer Education and Support Program, proudly supported by Quadrant Energy

The You, Me & MND, Carers Course is a five module education and support workshop series designed to empower carers with the knowledge and confidence to care for your loved one living with MND, whilst ensuring you have a strong emotional foundation to assist you in coming to terms with the changes that are taking place in your life.  The program is run over 1 day a week for 5 consecutive weeks and is made up of 5 modules. These modules can change but cover the following topics;

  1. What is MND and who is MNDAWA and how can we help
  2. Swallowing, Nutrition and Breathing
  3. Speech, Communication, Assistive Technology
  4. Moving and transfering techniques for carers
  5. Coping with the changes that are taking place in your life


Ask the Experts

MNDAWA holds an annual forum called Ask The Experts which is a open to anyone who has an interest in MND, including: people living with MND, their families, health professionals, service providers and students. The session is generally held in the afternoon and includes 3-4 guests speakers who are leaders in the field of MND. The speakers present on their areas of expertise and knowledge with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.


Newly Diagnosed Information Session

MNDAWA holds a minimum of one newly diagnosed information sessions each year which is generally held in the evening and is presented by a specialised MND Neurologist. The session provides information on MND and gives people living with MND and their families the opportunity to ask questions about the condition in a supportive environment.


A Palliative Approach to Caring for People with Motor Neurone Disease, a workshop for health professionals.

Developed by a project team at Curtin University led by Professor Samar Aoun, these workshops were created in response to an obvious need for people living with MND and their families to receive high quality care as they reach end of life. The workshops have been developed to give Health Professionals a better understanding of the care required by people living with MND and their families as they reach the end stage of their illness. People living with MND need an approach to care provision that will help them and their families cope with the complex symptoms associated with the disease, as well as the emotional, social and spiritual needs that they have. By adopting a palliative approach,  Health Professionals will be able to assist people living with MND and their family to live with dignity and to enjoy quality of life.