Patrons, Committee of Management and Staff


We have 3 dedicated Patrons:

Ms. Narelda Jacobs
Mr. Kim Hughes
Mr. Keith Potger



 Committee of Management MNDAWA Team
Chairperson Karen Smart Executive Officer Andrew Hirst
Vice Chairperson Prof Samar Aoun Fundraising and Events Manager Sarah Wiley
Treasurer Helen Kraus Education and Support Coordinator Lisa Shields
Secretary Janice Taylor MND Advisor Joan Ellis
Member Lay Kho MND Advisor Sara Duque
Member Chau Kim Huynh MND Advisor Leanne Bodley
Member Scott Ellwood MND Advisor Joanne Borrelli
Member Anthony Akkari MND Community Nurse Lynne Lomax
Accountant Ling Lee
Accounts Receivable and Administration Officer Kim Rolls
Accounts Receivable and Administration Officer Anne King
Administration Assistant Wendy Wilmot